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We play games and talk about them, our lives, and how the two intersect. Usually. And there are jokes.
Rebel FM Episode 27 - 073009 It's a slightly nutty show this week as Tyler, Anthony and I start out talking about 'Splosion Man and the Predator, then the ball really gets rolling as I detail my game overload via Comic Con. We talk about Dante's Inferno, Bayonetta, God of War 3, Lost Planet 2, Spyborgs, Dark Void, Saboteur, Brutal Legend, and Singularity, and then close out with letters.

Death to leps.

This week's music, in order of appearance:

Queens of the Stone Age - You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar

Kylesa - To Walk Alone

Foo Fighters - Come Back
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Rebel FM Game Club - Republic Commando - Episode 2 We're back for episode 2 of our Game Club series on Star Wars: Republic Commando. In this episode, we play through the second campaign, the Ghost Ship.

For next week, make sure to play through the end of the game and chime in with your thoughts on the third campaign on the Wookie homeworld of Kashykk. May the penis be with you!
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Rebel FM Episode 26 - 072309 Gutentag! This week Anthony, Tyler and myself are joined by Matt from Area5 as we talk about Left 4 Dead 2, Dead Space, Ghostbusters, and more, then move on to how everyone's keeping busy during this late (and short) slow period for releases, and close out with letters. It's a shorter show since I had to leave about an hour later for sunny (kind of?) San Diego, but it just means the awesome is more tightly packed together!


This week's music in order of appearance:

Nightmare of You - Dear Scene, I wish I Was Deaf

Audioslave - Shape of Things to Come

My Chemical Romance - Famous Last Words

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Rebel FM Game Club - Star Wars: Republic Commando - Episode 1 Welcome back to Game Club. This time around our selection is Star Wars: Republic Commando. Republic Commando is a tactical FPS that puts you in the shoes of a Republic Commando, the elite unit of the Galactic Empire's clone army during the Clone Wars, set between Star Wars Episodes I and II. This week we talk about the first section, the Genosian campaign. For next time, be sure to play through the second campaign (this will be a three episode series, one for each campaign). May the Penis be with you!
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Bad news first: No Bobito this week due to circumstances beyond our control (or I jinxed it, one or the other). The good news: Tyler, Anthony and myself talk about Ghostbusters, Battlefield 1943, and then listen to your submissions for our new theme song. Then we close with letters, as usual. Municipenis!

This week's music, in order of appearance:

Nonpoint - Signs

Atmosphere - Little Man

Alice in Chains - A Looking in View

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Rebel FM Game Club - Hitman: Blood Money - Episode 4 And we're in the home stretch this week as we conclude our Game Club series on Hitman Blood Money.

This week we talk about the final two official levels, Dance with the Devil and Ammendment XXV, as well as the ending sequence, Requiem. We're also announcing the next Game Club pick, Star Wars: Republic Commando (but don't discuss it here, as we'll do a post dedicated to it later Wednesday). We haven't yet gotten the Io questions finished up, so those will be presented in a later followup post. We had a lot of fun (for the most part), and we look forward to playing along with you next time! Municipal Penis!
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Rebel FM Episode 24 07/09/09 We've got a special guest on the podcast this week as Anthony, Tyler and myself are joined by former 1up copy editor and current Contributor Jason Wilson as we talk about Sacred 2, look on in amazement as Tyler falls down the rabbit hole of Civ 4, and opine about the appeal of Fight Night Round 4's controls and boxing vs. MMA. Then we go into a long second segment about writing in games media, but not how you're used to; if you've ever asked how you can be a better writer, or wanted to know what you might be doing wrong, or what everyone else might be doing wrong, you'll want to pay close attention. Then we close out with letters. Apologies for some spotty audio quality here and there, as some nobs were nudged where they shouldn't be. This will be fixed in time for next week, where we'll be judging theme song entries with our special guest judge Robert Ashley. 

Fat Penis (it's cool, we're taking it back!)

This week's music, in order of appearance:

Portishead - Roads

Lamb of God - Descending

B L A C K I E - Like a Little Kid, Yeah
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Rebel FM Game Club - Hitman: Blood Money - Episode 3 We're back after an off week with this week's episode of the Hitman: Blood Money Game Club! This week, we cover acts Death on the Mississippi, Til Death Do Us Part, and House of Cards, which you'll find recapped in the video below. Post your comments for the rest of the game below, and be sure to post any questions you might have for the developers below or email us at letters(at)
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Rebel FM Episode 23 - 07/02/2009 It's a three man show that falls off the rails into the land of off-topic-ery often this week as Anthony, Tyler and Arthur talk about Fight Night Round 4, more Call of Juarez BiB, and the historical irony of Anthony's most recent Civ 4 excursion. Then it's on to games that surprised you (in a good way!) and letters. Big boned glans!

This week's music, in order of appearance:

Year of the Rabbit - Vaporize

PJ Harvey - Naked Cousin

Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time
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