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We play games and talk about them, our lives, and how the two intersect. Usually. And there are jokes.
Game Club - Bully Episode One - 03/25/09 The crew plays through the first two chapters of Rockstar's Bully.
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Rebel FM - Episode 12 - 03/23/09 Jane Pinckard and XNA Community Manager Kathleen Sanders join the regular crew to discuss games, gaming news, and read your letters.
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Rebel FM - Episode 11 - 03-18-09 Join us for the magic this episode as we're joined by the unfortunately curious Patrick Klepek and special guest and podcasting Svengali Andrew Pfister as we talk about the games we've been playing (there's a lot of talk about Resident Evil 5), issues of race in games (there's a lot of talk about Resident Evil 5), and close out with letters (which are blessedly free of Resident Evil 5).  This weeks music is, order of appearance: Oh Mandy, by the Spinto Band; Patent Pending by Heavens; and Damsel of Death by It Dies Today. 
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Rebel FM Game Club -- Call of Cthulhu -- Episode 4 -- 03/16/09 The fourth and final installment of the Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth Rebel FM Game Club. We discuss the final portion of the game, and end with our impressions of the overall narrative.
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Rebel FM - Episode 10 - 03/11/09 Freelancer Tyler Barber joins the regular Rebel FM crew to discuss the games we've been playing. After that the crew discusses a host of topics selected by our users, and concludes with a few of your letters.
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Rebel FM Game Club -- Call of Cthulhu -- Episode 3 -- 03/09/2009 After a longer break than we anticipated, we're back with Episode 3 in our continuing probe of H.P. Lovecraft's darkest nooks and crannies. We also find time to squeeze in a rundown of our 5 nominees for our next series for Game Club. Give the show a listen, leave your comments for the last episode of this series (remember we're playing through to the end this time), and vote for the game you want to play for next time!

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Rebel FM - Episode 9 - 03/04/09 This week the normal crew is joined by Patrick Klepek and Jonathan Mann, AKA GameJew. We talk about what we've been playing, then move on to a conversation about music in games. Features "The Lizard Wizard," and "Shigeru Miyamoto" by Sr. Mann.
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