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Rebel FM Episode 221 - 06/27/2014

This week we're joined by special guest Alexa Ray Corriea as we talk about Valiant Hearts, UFC, Shovel Knight, Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark, Sixty Second Shooter and more! 

This week's music, in order of appearance: 

Mastodon - Tread Lightly; 

Rise Agaisnt - I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore

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Rebel FM Episode 220 - 06/20/14

We're back from E3 with way, way too many games to talk about. We get into it over No Man's Sky, Shadows of Mordor, Evolve, Destiny, Battlefield Hardline, UFC and a hell of a lot more. 

This week's music:

Banks - Drowning

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Rebel FM Episode 219 - 06/06/14

This week we've got a special episode with a special guest: the internet's own Dr. Nerdlove joins us for an all relationship letters cast! 

This week's music:

The Postal Service - Nothing Better

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