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Rebel FM Episode 49 - 01/29/10

[feigned enthusiasm] Greetings human, and welcome to episode 49 of Rebel FM. [going through the motions]This week we're joined by Area5's Ryan O'Donnell and Jay Frechette as we talk about MAG, the Assassin's Creed II DLC, Darksiders, and more, then follow that up with letters. [barely conained excitement] Then we have a final section devoted entirely to Mass Effect 2, which has been set after the rest of the show so as to be easily avoided. We don't give any hardcore plot spoilers, but we do talk about the game and make veiled references to events in Mass Effect 2 for over an hour. We had a lot of fun and hope you enjoy it. Mass Penis.


This week's music, in order of appearance: 


Oasis - Slide Away; 


Now It's Overhead - Believe What They Decide

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Rebel FM Game Club: Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich -- Episode 1

Join the regular Game Club crew as we discuss Irrational Games' Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich. This episode covers all the way through the second fight about Red Oktober. For the next episode we ask that you play through the 8th level. Enjoy!

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Rebel FM 48 -- 01/21/10 Join the regular crew along with's Matt Chandronait as we discuss your twitter topics (the good ones we didn't get to last week), as well as games and letters. Some of the games discussed include the newest Ratchet game, Divinity II, Star Trek Online, and some non-spoilery Dragon Age talk. Enjoy!
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Rebel FM 47 -- 01/13/10 This week's show features the normal crew as well as special guests Ryan O'Donnell and Matt Chandronait from's Coop (the former 1UP Show). Join us as we discuss an array of games we've been playing (including several indie games), as well as your Twitter topics and some letters. Enjoy!
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Rebel FM Game Club: The Thing -- Episode 4

It's the final episode of our The Thing playthrough podcast! For this show you should have played through the end of the game (starting from Level Eight).

The next Game Club won't start for two weeks, which should give you plenty of time to find Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich. We'll post shortly on the site how far you need to play for the first episode, but for now just go out and get it on Steam.


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Rebel FM 46 -- 01/06/10 This week you can listen in as Anthony progressively loses his voice! This episode features talk about Darksiders, Ghostbusters, Dragon Age, Bayonetta (a little bit), and a few other games. We then move on to Gaming Resolutions for 2010, including several from the community. And finally, we close out with letters (surprisingly relationship free). It's a shorter show because Anthony's quite sick, but we wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks to those of you who have stuck with us through thick and thin through the year, and hello to those of you who are new (we like new people, too). Enjoy!
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Rebel FM Game Club: The Thing -- Episode 3 Matt, Anthony, Tyler and Arthur return to discuss The Thing levels seven and eight. Join us for harrowing tales of misadventure, off-topic talk, and all the silly banter you've come to expect. For next week please finish the game, and feel free to suggest what our next pick should be. Enjoy!
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Rebel FM Episode 45 - 01/01/10 Welcome to 2010! We greet it with a podcast recorded in 2009! This week we're down one Tyler Barber but up a Matt Chandronait and one Greg Ford, of Area5/Co-op and Bitmob respectively as we talk about Bayonetta, Borderlands and more, then move on to some letters. New Year's Diet'ed penis!

All of this week's music is courtesy of The Barnstormers (tracks include Misery, Let Me Do Right By You, and The Gift)
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