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We play games and talk about them, our lives, and how the two intersect. Usually. And there are jokes.

This week we talk about the anti-climactic union of Anthony and Ouya and Towerfall, Tomb Raider, Halo Spartan Assault and more, then move on to letters. 

This week's music, in order of appearance:

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Ain't No Easy Way;

Metric - Collect Call 

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We try to put a sad week behind us by joking about games, including Brave New World, the newest Civ 5 expansion, as well as the Ouya, before moving on to some letters. 

This week's music, in order of appearance: 

Circa Survive - Close Your Eyes to See; 

Stars - Winter Bones

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In light of a transit strike, a slow period for new releases, and a holiday weekend, we did something different on Rebel FM this week. We streamed the episode live on, and this is the very mildly edited audio version of that. You can find a full stream for the episode on our twitch channel, and we'll be back with our regularly scheduled idiocy next week!

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