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Rebel FM Game Club - Gun - Episode 3 It's late, but I'm happy to bring you all our wrap-up episode for our Game Club series on Gun. This week, we talk about the ending section and our overall thoughts on the game, and following our discussion, I was able to speak at length with Scott Pease, Neversoft's Studio Development Director, Chad Findley, the Project Lead on Gun, and Joel Jewitt, Neversoft's President. We talk about the origins of the game and its influences, the evolution of the gameplay, and whether we can expect a sequel any time soon. As a quick note, this interview was conducted over a teleconference call, so set your expectations for sound quality appropriately, but all in all, you're in for a treat.
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Rebel FM Episode 20

This week the regular crew of Tyler, Arthur and myself are joined by's Matt Chandronait. We discuss what we've been playing, the importance of video in games coverage (and how it's changed over the years), and conclude with your letters.

We'll be doing special broadcasts -- i.e. short -- from E3 when we find the time, so pay attention to our twitter feeds and to get the latest updates.

We are also still finalizing when we're going to do our E3 meetup, and I'll be sending out a group email soon to those who have written to me.



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Rebel FM Episode 19 - 05/21/09 Welcome to Wiener Talk, with your hosts Anthony Gallegos, Tyler Barber, and Arthur Gies! This week we talk about Grin and Bionic Commando, more discussion about your thoughts on the gaming press, and then move on to your letters.

So, what state is Wyoming in, exactly?

This week's music, in order of appearance:

The Thermals - Now We Can See

Open Hand - The Ambush

Murder by Death - The End of the Road

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Rebel FM Episode 18 - 05/15/09 Welcome to another episode of Rebel FM where we tried to do a short one and ran over 2 hours! It's just Anthony, Tyler, and me (Arthur) this week as we talk about Resident Evil Degeneration, how I learned to love Uncharted while hating its smoking, er, I mean shooting, and Cryostasis, plus your issues with gaming media, and a lot of letters, some which are about video games.

I'm not up to making any leprechaun jokes, but someone will I'm sure.

This weeks music, in order of appearance:

Metric - Too little too late

At The Drive-in - Arcarsenal

Killswitch Engage - When Darkness Falls

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Rebel FM Game Club - Gun - Episode 2 We're on round two of our Game Club series on Gun, as we talk about stagecoach chases, train hijackings, old-west style street justice, and wonder about the inherent violence of the local Chinese laundry (and somehow leprechauns wander into the discussion as well). We're going into a two week break between this episode and the final episode of this series, so you shouldn't have any trouble finishing it up in time. However, you should also email me (or comment) with questions for the developers of Gun by next Monday, as I should be chatting with developers before the concluding episode about the game, their thoughts on it, and answers to the questions you send in! As always, thanks for listening, and mythical genitalia to you.

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Majestic Bacculum! Welcome to Episode 17 of Rebel Fm, where Gamespy/G4's Sterling McGarvey and's Jose Otero join the usual cast of Anthony Gallegos, Tyler Barber, and me, Arthur Gies as we talk about Killzone 2, Red Faction: Guerilla, Plants vs. Zombies, Wolverine, and more, then get into times where we've drifted away from gaming, and your letters!

Mammalian reproductive organs!

This week's music, in order of appearance:

Ben Harper and Relentless7 - up to you now

The Generic Tribe - In Guns We Trust (pay close attention, and you might notice why this is here)

Deftones - Simple Man
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Rebel FM Game Club - Gun - Episode 1 Welcome to the first episode of our Game Club series on Gun! In this episode we give our general impressions of the game so far, and give it some context as we talk about our experiences up to the saloon battle with the Red Hand Gang, and read some of your comments. For the next episode, be sure to play through the fall of Hoodoo! And remember, the main storyline in Gun is short! If you want to get your money's worth, play through some sidemissions and tell us your thoughts.
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