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Rebel FM Episode 53 - 02/24/09

Happy impending weekend! This week we talk about Nintendo's 2010 lineup, the RE5 and AC2 DLC, and more, then we move on to the games you feel belong in everyone's library this gen and close out with letters. C'mon Friday!

This week's music, in order of appearance: 

Garbage - My Lover's Box; 

Circa Survive - Act Appalled; 

Alice in Chains - Over Now

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Rebel FM Game Club: Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich -- Episode 4

Welcome to the final episode of the Freedom Force Game Club. For this week's show we cover from the mission called Sky King's Starring Moment to the conclusion of the game. Join us as we discuss the tactics and characters we used, as well as our final thoughts about Irrational's superhero classic.

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Rebel FM Episode 52 - 02/18/10

Clever greetings play on words! This week we're joined by Matt from Area 5 as we spend TWO HOURS talking about what we've been playing, which includes Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, Battlefield Bad Company 2 singleplayer, Command and Conquer 4, and X10 stuff including Dead Rising 2, Alan Wake, and Splinter Cell Conviction. Then it's on to letters, including one listener's professional psychiatric opinion of your faithful Rebel FM hosts.

This week's music, in order of appearance: 

Autolux - Turnstile Blues; 

Failure - Stuck on You;

A Perfect Circle - Gravity;

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Rebel FM Game Club: Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich -- Episode 3

We discuss through level 13 (Achtung! Der Alchemiss!) for this week's show. See what strategies, characters, and frustrations we had during our time. Finish the game for next week's show.

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Rebel FM Episode 51 -- 02/10/10

Matt and Ryan from join the regular crew to talk about an array of games we've been checking out. Highlights from the discussion include Heavy Rain, BioShock 2, as well as more than a few IGF games. After that we move onto a lengthy letters segment before concluding the "normal" show. However, for those who are interested (and more importantly <b>have completed Mass Effect 2</b>) there is an extended "Mass Effect 2 Spoilerthon" after the ending song. If you want to hear all about the varying ways we've played ME2, give it a listen. Enjoy!

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Rebel FM Game Club -- Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich -- Episode 2

Hello and welcome to part two of our Game Club for FFVTTR. For this episode you should have played through the eighth level (Red Sun Rising). For the next show, please play through the 13th level (Achtung! Der Alchemiss!). Enjoy!

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Rebel FM Episode 50 - 02/04/10

Aloha! This week it's the regular trio as we talk about Dante's Inferno (probably for the last time), MAG, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and more, then move on to a discussion about your thoughts on sequels, and close out with letters. Cold and rainy penis (it's cold in here, sue me)!


This week's music, in order of appearance: 


Massive Attack - Dissolved Girl; 


God Forbid - Empire of the Gun; 


Spoon - Stay Don't Go

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