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Rebel FM

Dec 25, 2018

It ... is ... time ...

... for us to talk about our favorite game music from the year 2018, and, appropriately for a year that was 15000 months long, it's our longest Game Music Spectacular ever! 

Five assholes! 30 games! 76 songs! FIVE HOURS OF PODCAST. You ask for it all year, and here it finally is, upon the altar of...

Dec 21, 2018

In what is *probably* the last regular episode of the year, we talk about the wave of big-ish releases in December, and ... a lot of other things with a very special guest. 

This week's music: 

Josh Homme, C.W. Stoneking - Silent night

Dec 8, 2018

This week there's a lot going on as we talk about the Game Awards, Steam and the Epic Games Store, the disappointing difficulty curve and structure of Mutant Year Zero, how and why it's a terrible time to build a new PC, and a lot of other stuff to boot. 

This week's music: 

AFI - Trash Bat