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Rebel FM

May 27, 2011

It's a short show this week. With Tyler out and Arthur sick, Matt and Anthony do a fair majority of the talking. Still, Arthur finds time to talk about Shadows of the Damned, Alice: Madness Returns and Witcher 2, while I Anthony discusses the horrors of coming under his scrutiny in LA Noire. We close with a few of...

May 21, 2011

Arthur's out this week so Anthony's in charge! Fear for your lives, mortals. No, it's actually just a normal show, only Arthur is replaced with Direct 2 Drive Community Manager Walter Lopez. Join us as we discuss Starhawk, LA Noire, some iOS games (YOU LOVE THEM), and a bunch of other stuff. Per usual, we close with...

May 7, 2011

We're sorry. Let's just start there.

This week, Anthony's out and we're joined by IGN's Brian Altano and Scott Bromley. We talk about Portal 2, Minecraft, DarkSpore, Child of Eden, and more, then move on to letters. Or we try, anyway.

This week's music, in order of appearance:

Metric - Combat Baby;

HIM - Katherine Wheel