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Rebel FM

Jan 18, 2020

Hello! It's another two person show that exists despite calamity, and we're here to talk about why Death Stranding is interesting (really!), the changes to PUBG, what's going on with the new Siege event, and also read a hell of a lot of emails from the last year! Video Games!

This week's music: 

Ed is Dead - NYC...

Jan 11, 2020

This week it's just a couple of us, but we still talk about a lot of stuff - like some of the news and tech coming out of CES, some new understanding and expectations for next-gen consoles, inadvertent rodent murder, your letters, and more. 

This week's music: 

Ella Vos - Cellophane

Jan 5, 2020

This week we're doing some 2019 house cleaning, and talking about the games we're excited for this year - with the four of us back in the room together, magically! We also find time to talk about Breath of the Wild and AC: Odyssey because we are hip and relevant, as well as Faith, Outlanders and more.

Hopefully, 2020...

Jan 1, 2020

It's still technically 2019 in California, which means this isn't late! And by this, of course, I mean the 2019 Rebel FM Game Music Spectacular, where we reminisce and listen to our favorite video game tracks from the entire year (and occasionally from previous years ... stupid early access). Thanks to all our listeners...

Dec 21, 2019

We've missed a couple of episodes due to technical difficulties and, unfortunately, some sadness as well. We're back together though, chatting about Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, Dota 2's big updates, Darksiders Genesis, Mechwarrior 5, Dicey Dungeons, plus more, and we read a lot of your letters about things like next...