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Rebel FM

Jan 28, 2012

This week we talk about game after game for over an hour and a half, including an extended conversation on Soul Calibur V and Ryan's excessive fighting stick habit. Then we move on to entirely too many relationship letters. 

This week's music, in order of appearance: 

HIM - The Kiss of Dawn; 

Mirah - Cold, Cold...

Jan 21, 2012

Arthur's out this week so we got Area 5's Ryan O'Donnell to join us. Listen to us discuss more SWTOR, Dustforce, tech from CES, as well as a host of other games we normally feel like we can't talk about ;)

We close with your letters. Enjoy!

Jan 14, 2012

We're back! This week we spend way, way, way, way too long talking about SW(o)TOR. Like, way too long. Then we talk about some other games, and move on to some letters.

This week's music, in order of appearance:

Bat for Lashes - A Forest (For Invisible Children);

Trivium - Built to Fall

Jan 1, 2012

Closing out this year, we're talking music! Specifically, reviewing our favorite game music of the year. Since this is a special occassion, we wanted to make this special, and have included a number of musical interludes in their entirety (along with a few extras in the background to boot). The track list follows. Am I...