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Rebel FM

Jan 30, 2022

This week we come to you from under a blizzard to talk about a lot of games, including Moncage, Gladiator Guild Manager, Paint the Town Red, Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem, Generation Zero, and more!

This week's music: 

Mothica - Casualty

Jan 24, 2022

We're late this week, but we've still got a show with plenty to talk about, including Nobody Saves the World, Vampire Survivors, Walkabout Mini Golf, and a lot more! This week's music: 

Lingua Ignota - Wicked Game

Jan 15, 2022

This week we reunite and talk about a menagerie of things old and new, including Horizon Zero Dawn, Monster Hunter Rise, The Anacrusis, World Box, Wanted Raccoon and more!

This week's music: 

Muse - Won't Stand Down

Jan 9, 2022

It's been a horrifyingly long 13 years of Rebel FM and we're here to celebrate it by ... well, basically doing a normal, two person show! We talk Powerwash Simulator, Worldbox - God Simulator, Anvil: Vault Breaker, Unpacking, and more!

This week's music: 

Future Palace - Heads Up

Jan 1, 2022

2021 is just about wrapped, but before it goes, we're dragging it kicking and screaming into a room to take some music it managed to bless video games with. Happy new year to all, and may 2022 be ... improved, somewhat. 

Hitman 3
Niels Bye Nielsen - Death Awaits (Main Theme)
Niels Bye Nielsen - End of an Era
Niels Bye...