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Rebel FM

Jan 1, 2020

It's still technically 2019 in California, which means this isn't late! And by this, of course, I mean the 2019 Rebel FM Game Music Spectacular, where we reminisce and listen to our favorite video game tracks from the entire year (and occasionally from previous years ... stupid early access). Thanks to all our listeners for another year of video games, off topic digressions, and discussion of poop. And remember to toss a coin to your local guild representative. 

Slay The Spire

Clark Aboud - The Ending; Exordium; Escape Plan

Resident Evil 2: Remake

Shusaku Uchiyama - R.P.D. Hall; Third Demise; Looming Dread

Kingdom Hearts III

Hikaru Utada and Skrillex - Face My Fears

Apex Legends

Stephen Barton - Main theme; Preparing the Arena


Sarah Schachner - Freelancers; Ancient Mysteries; Legion of Dawn

Devil May Cry 5

Casey Edwards - Devil Trigger (Game Edit); Kota Suzuki - Blazing Muscle

Baba is You

Hempuli - Main Theme; Wall Is Stop - Starting Off

Katana Zero

LudoWic - Katana Zero; Bill Kiley - Driving Force: Neon Fog

A Plague Tale: Innocence

Olivier Deriviere - Prisoners; Orphans; Father

Void Bastards

Ryan Roth - Void Bastards; Quantum; Sargasso Nebula

Outer Wilds

Andrew Prahlow - Timber Hearth; Outer Wilds; Final Voyage


Michiru Yamane - Theme of Bloodstained; Voyage of Promise


Curt Bryant - Cosmic Decay; Amo Expiere


Martin Stig Andersen - El Ratio Principalis; Old Gods of Asgard - Take Control; Martin Stig Andersen - Voces Ignotas

Gears 5

Ramin Djawadi - Kait's Theme; Azura Combat


Sam Webster - Bone Dust; Puzz; Big Chains

Sayonara Wild Hearts

Linnea Olsson - Medley; Dead of Night

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

Michael Salvatori, Skye Lewin, C Paul Johnson - Control

Sea Salt

Karl Flodin - Archbishop

Disco Elysium

British Sea Power - Mercenary Tribunal; Protorave

Outer Worlds

Justin Bell - Main Theme; The Unreliable; We're All Counting on You


scntfc - Hades Gonna Hate; Schoolyard Strangler

Death Stranding 

Ludvig Forssell - Once There Was an Explosion; Ludvig Forssell feat. Jenny Plant - BB's Theme