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Rebel FM

Jan 29, 2010

[feigned enthusiasm] Greetings human, and welcome to episode 49 of Rebel FM. [going through the motions]This week we're joined by Area5's Ryan O'Donnell and Jay Frechette as we talk about MAG, the Assassin's Creed II DLC, Darksiders, and more, then follow that up with letters. [barely conained excitement] Then we have a final section devoted entirely to Mass Effect 2, which has been set after the rest of the show so as to be easily avoided. We don't give any hardcore plot spoilers, but we do talk about the game and make veiled references to events in Mass Effect 2 for over an hour. We had a lot of fun and hope you enjoy it. Mass Penis.


This week's music, in order of appearance: 


Oasis - Slide Away; 


Now It's Overhead - Believe What They Decide