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Rebel FM

Dec 2, 2023

This week we're just two guys digging in to Steamworld Build, and some other stuff as well — but mostly Steamworld Build. We also debate the definition of indie games and studios with the viewpoint of someone working at a studio that was independent but is now owned by a major publisher, plus plenty more!

This weeks...

Nov 25, 2023

We're back and largely on time as we dig in a little more on the gaming handhelds after some extended traveling, the new PS5 (and maybe a little about what it might mean for the PS5 Pro), go back in time with Stellaris, Dave the Diver, Dredge, and more. 

This week's music: 

Muse - Map of the Problematique

Nov 20, 2023

This week we're fresh off extra life and talking about Jusant, Robocop, the brand new OLED Steamdeck and how it stacks up against Lenovo's Legion Go and the Rog Ally Extreme, plus a fair bit more!

This week's music: 

Linkin Park - Crawling

Oct 28, 2023

This week we're talking even more about Super Mario Bros. Wonder before getting into the rough launch of Cities Skyline 2, the highs and lows of Alan Wake 2 (and a little complaining about game reviews, get excited), Metal Gear Solid, plus plenty more. 

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Oct 22, 2023

This week we're talking some of the final GOTY candidates, with lots of chatter about Marvel's Spiders-Man 2 and Super Mario Bros Wonder, plus we talk The Enjineer, Brotato, Starfield, the future and sustainability of service games, and more. 

This week's music: 

The Alkaline Trio - Blood, Hair, and...