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Rebel FM

Jul 10, 2009

We've got a special guest on the podcast this week as Anthony, Tyler and myself are joined by former 1up copy editor and current Contributor Jason Wilson as we talk about Sacred 2, look on in amazement as Tyler falls down the rabbit hole of Civ 4, and opine about the appeal of Fight Night Round 4's controls and boxing vs. MMA. Then we go into a long second segment about writing in games media, but not how you're used to; if you've ever asked how you can be a better writer, or wanted to know what you might be doing wrong, or what everyone else might be doing wrong, you'll want to pay close attention. Then we close out with letters. Apologies for some spotty audio quality here and there, as some nobs were nudged where they shouldn't be. This will be fixed in time for next week, where we'll be judging theme song entries with our special guest judge Robert Ashley. 

Fat Penis (it's cool, we're taking it back!)

This week's music, in order of appearance:

Portishead - Roads

Lamb of God - Descending

B L A C K I E - Like a Little Kid, Yeah