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We play games and talk about them, our lives, and how the two intersect. Usually. And there are jokes.
Rebel FM Episode 22 - 06/17/09 Every time we try to do a low-key short show, we seem to find weird (and non-sequitur) reserves of energy. It's the usual three man love fest (wait) this week as Anthony Gallegos, Tyler Barber and I (Arthur Gies) talk about how weird it is for us to love a golf game, leaks in gaming media (of which we are apparently not immune!), and end with letters. That ask about poop. May the Goddess of the universe exchange twitter followers to bestow a fatter penis.

This week's music, in order of appearance:

All That Remains - Not Alone

Little Boots - Meddle

Turbonegro - Death From Above
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